Hyperpigmentation is commonly a dark area, or patches of skin on the face that have increased melanin production. Other names for hyperpigmentation are melasma or age spots.

What is NOT hyperpigmentation

Freckles and birth marks that we usually have from birth.

How do we get Hyperpigmentation

  • UV exposure
  • Medication
  • Trauma such as breakouts
  • Pollution
  • Hormones

Did you know that as skin care professionals and Dermalogica experts we can treat hyperpigmentation in the salon, and with a great home care routine?

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When speaking with you, one of the first things we’ll explore is the cause. For example, hyperpigmentation caused by UV exposure. One quick win is to ensure we are all wearing sun protection daily. If we use a sun bed, this would need to stop.

Melasma or (mask of pregnancy) – wearing an SPF throughout pregnancy is important, and post-pregnancy we can address the pigmentation through skin treatments. Melasma can reduce over time as our hormones regulate again, but we can help to speed up the process and help with stubborn hyperpigmentation with products and treatments.

Injury or trauma – Usually caused by breakouts can be called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, the best thing is to limit the trauma (stop picking) and reduce breakout activity with a good skincare routine. We have other products in our Dermalogica line that will help.

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Now it’s time to introduce a new product from Dermalogica created specifically to support hyperpigmentation.

NEW Power Bright Dark Spot Fader

This is a new product from Dermalogica and a game changer when it comes to treating hyperpigmentation. Packed with powerful ingredients to stop the production of melanin and lighten hyperpigmentation.

What’s in it?

Hexylrecorsional and Niacinamide which together fade spots fast. These amazing ingredients combined are 10x more powerful than hydroquinone alone. (a uk banned ingredient that is know for skin whitening)

Peony flower decreases the enzyme tyrosinase, breaking down melanin production.

Cross linked hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin 5 x more that hyaluronic acid, and a hydrated skin is more likely to regulate better.

Shiitake mushroom brightens the skin.

How to use.

This product can be used morning or night AFTER cleansed skin, it can be used on its own under moisturiser, or just on areas of pigmentation. If using in the morning we strongly advise you wear an moisturiser with an SPF in or an SPF on top of this and your daily moisturiser.

RRP £89 – limited launch offer available at a discounted price.

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