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What is the best way to treat my acne? We get asked this question a lot, and the answer is different depending on what we are treating. Acne can be anything from a few hormonal breakouts, under skin congestion, blackheads or cystic grade acne. But we are here to help wherever you are on your skin journey.

We offer an array of treatments at the salon, all customisable to you. We recommend booking in for a free skin scanner and skin consultation appointment, so we can understand exactly what type of acne you have. Then we can then talk through some treatment options.

Treatment recommendations

Mild acne

  • Pro skin 60 Dermalogica’s customisable treatment targeting a number of skin concerns.
  • Hydr02 clear 30min or 60min clearing facial.

Active acne 

  • Pro clear course a special designed course of treatments with or without home care products, to maximize results.
  • Hydr02 30min or 60min clearing facial.

Acne scarring and hyper pigmentation

Please ask about our treatment and product courses. These are available at a fantastic discounted price and are a great way to get proven results or to start your skin care journey.

Treatment suggestions with starter products

Pro Calm course from £299

Pro Clear Course from £347

Pro Firm Course From £315

Pro Bright Course From £272

Pro Nano needling Course From £175

Pro MicroNeedling course £200

Lovely, friendly team. Salon is exceptionally clean and bright. Professional in every way. Highly recommend.

Gill Grattan



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