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Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition, caused by increased melanin production. There are multiple forms of hyperpigmentation, from sun damage, hormones, stress, acne scarring,  and it can affect all kinds of skin types. We split pigmentation in to two different categories. lacklustre and hyperpigmentation.

Lacklustre, Sometimes we just need a brightening skin treatment to get that glow back, increase hydration and reduce the appearance of mild pigmentation.

Treatment recommendations for lacklustre skin

Hyperpigmentation, this is one of the most difficult skin conditions to treat and may take some time and commitment to understand the cause of the pigmentation and get the results. hyperpigmentation can cover a wide variety of things. stubborn sun spots, liver spots, post inflammatory pigmentation, melasma, and pregnancy melasma.

Treatment recommendations for hyperpigmentation

  • Pro Bright skin course, with home care products
  • Laser skin rejuvenation treatment

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