Here at Beauty 154 we love all things skin and feel passionate about introducing a nourishing skin care routine as early as possible. We also understand the challenges of younger, hormonal, teen skin and are here to help.

Dermalogica created the Clear Start range specifically for younger skin and we regularly recommend it in the salon. 

If you’re a teen or parent to a teen and want to get into a skincare routine that supports your skin rather than works against it then why not arrange a virtual consultation with one of our therapists?

How we can help

  • Free skin consultations via text or video – relaxed, supportive and non judgemental. 
  • Sample and trial products – let’s see how they work for you and your skin. 
  • At home skin care bags – because the key is routine and consistency. 
  • Full range of products – something isn’t working? Let’s see if there might be an alternative product we could try. 

If you have any questions or would like to book a virtual service please email or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram

The Dermalogica Clear Start range is also available to view and purchase on our website;

Teen Skin at Beauty154