All you need to know about our new booking system.
I would like to thank you in advance and for bearing with us as we change over our computer system. We have listened to you, and have heard how our current booking system is not the easies to make appointments, or even log on sometimes! We have spent time researching the best salon software companies and have found one that ticks all the boxes.

Introducing Timely

Some of the links you many need to.

Check all your future appointments

Online booking

Purchase Gift

You can now

Make bookings
Cancel booking up to 24hr in advance 
Amend booking 
See future appointments.
Fill out consultation forms easily
Purchase Gift Vouchers 
Use new vouchers for online payment 
log on for 90 days

We will be now asking for deposit on all online bookings, unfortunately This is something we have had to impose due to the number of online booking resulting in a no shows

You will be able to see all your current/future booking on the new site.

Christine and Susan