“Micro-needling has been heralded as a non-invasive way to achieve youthful, dewy looking skin” Telegraph Beauty

We are really pleased to be offering this to our clients. The treatment uses a device with small needles which is pushed or rolled over the face and neck area to create controlled punctures; this forces your skin into repair mode. The device is also gentle enough to use on the delicate eye area. Forcing the skin into repair mode means that it naturally starts to produce collagen and elastin improving the plumpness of the skin. Micro Needling also helps to improve skin texture and tone and the appearance of scars and stretchmarks.

Treatment Information

  • 5 treatments in 4-6 week intervals
  • Maintenance treatments every 6-9 months
  • £150

Prior to the treatment there will be a numbing cream applied to the skin and afterwards, you can expect your face to be slightly red and swollen but this will reduce within a couple of days.

For more information or to book an initial consultation, please call 01524 847704, email info@beauty154.co.uk or send us a message on Facebook. 

Micro-Needling at Beauty 154 in Lancaster, Lancashire